These days, even the most routine errands have changed considerably. Additional stay at home orders can only be expected from here on out until this pandemic is fully under control, but for our Bakersfield, CA Mazda dealership, we're making sure you can still take care of your car. With our digital service option, you can get going on all kinds of maintenance and repairs without leaving the safety and comfort of your home. With our exceptional sense of customer service and new and improved digital tools, you can arrange to bring your Mazda into our service center without risking contact with our service specialists and techs, or with other customers.

As we've adjusted our service facility and the entirety of our dealership here near Wasco and Oildale, we've also improved our digital tools to help you schedule appointments, make payments on your mobile device and more. A huge part of our Mazda Digital Service is the video walkthroughs we send your way, showing you exactly what our expert techs are looking at so you know why we make the recommendations we provide in order to deliver the best care, maintenance and repair work on your Mazda or other kind of car.

By scheduling appointments and getting text-message and email reminders, you'll have your auto maintenance schedule right in the palm of your hands, making this part of car ownership easier as you drive around the Shafter and Oildale areas. Mobile payments are easy to make, and we're all about clear and easy communication, letting you know if your car needs further repairs, or simply giving you the go ahead to pick up your Mazda when we're finished.

At Bakersfield Mazda, service has been made easier than ever, so be in touch today and learn how you can easily connect with our digital service options.

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