What is your favorite part of shopping for a used car? It probably isn't a question you have given much thought to. Searching for a new car brings with it the possibility of unlimited potential. The trips to Arvin you haven't yet planned. The looks on your friend's faces when you roll up to their house in Shafter in something fresh. That New Car Smell! But Shopping for a used car doesn't always bring you the same feeling. However, you can still make it a fun experience. The trick is making sure you search the right way. it all comes down to what you need.


Everyone has different reasons for needing a used car. For some, it comes down to budget. Others may enjoy getting more features for less money. And perhaps another driver is shopping for their teen's first ride in Oildale. A dealership like Bakersfield Mazda will have a large variety to browse through. Start with what you like. Do you like a car? Should it have four doors? Or will two doors do? Could you use the cargo or versatility of an SUV? Would a minivan compliment your family nicely? Once you have narrowed down your body style, you are on the right path.

Next up, what is your budget? If you have a number in mind, you can determine how much your monthly payment could be by determining how much you plan to put down. Fill out a financing application and learn what offers are available to someone in your situation. You can find out how much you could be spending each month and see if the vehicle you find fits your ideal budget.

Selecting the Right CarShopping for a used car can bring with it some uncertainty. It requires a bit of on-site research on your part. Not every dealership takes great care of their used vehicles or is as selective as Bakersfield Mazda when it comes to quality used models. Many times, you can tell whether or not a car is in good shape at first glance. Others might require a second look. When it comes to your next car, used all of your senses. Look for any abnormalities, scratches, discoloration, puddles, exposed wires, or anything else that seems out of the ordinary.


Start up the car. How does it sound? Are there any odd squeaks or squeals? Does it give the healthy purr of an engine that has been well maintained? Do you notice any grinding when you slow it down during your test drive? Something you may not always consider at first but could make a difference is the smell. A used car could smell moldy, which could indicate water damage. Make sure there is not a smokey smell coming from under the hood. How does it feel on the drive? Does it pull to one side or the other? Does it shake or vibrate? These are elements to consider on your test drive around Bakersfield, CA.

You don't have to overthink your search for a used car. Use your senses and trust your gut. If it feels right, it likely could be the one. If you sense any red flags, it is time to head to Bakersfield Mazda. Our team will set you out on the right path to discovering the right used car for your budget and personality.

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