Buying a new car in the Oildale area can be a challenging process that also can quickly become very expensive. Between the price of the vehicle, registration fees, insurance costs, and other random costs that can come with car ownership, it can be hard for you to satisfy your budget while you are shopping for a new vehicle. Leasing may be the perfect solution that you need in order to stay within your budget while getting the vehicle that you really want.

What is a Lease?

When you lease a vehicle, you enter a contract that states how long you will be taking ownership of the vehicle for, and the amount that you will pay for the use of that vehicle during that period. Over the duration of your vehicle lease, you will make monthly payments on the vehicle. Because a new Mazda is covered by excellent warranties, lower maintenance and repair costs alone can make leasing a cheaper option for Shafter area shoppers than outright purchasing a vehicle.

What If I Want to Keep the Vehicle?

During the term of your lease, you always have the option to purchase the vehicle outright. If you decide that the vehicle that you are leasing is perfect for you, you can purchase the vehicle from our Arvin area dealership at a decreased cost.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Leasing?

Leasing a vehicle can potentially become more expensive than purchasing a car if you continually lease vehicles. Due to the fact that vehicles depreciate, consistently leasing new vehicles will cause you to pay more for vehicles that are worth less. If you are always in a new lease, you'll always have a car payment but without building equity, as would be the case with a purchase.

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