Are you hearing a squeaking noise when you're driving? That can mean a lot of different things, but generally speaking, it's your brakes. Here at Bakersfield Mazda, our service center can help you get the right brake repair that you need and have you back out on the road soon.

If you're noticing squeaking when you're applying the brake pedal, that's a sign that either one of or both the brake pads and rotors are worn down, or that you need brake fluid checks. Additionally, if you're noticing a consistent squeaking noise as you drive, it's a possibility that's the brakes too because they're causing friction with the wheels as you go. Considering those factors making noise, plus if you feel your stopping power when you apply the brakes are lacking, it's a good time to get your brake system checked out by a member of our service team.

It's important to get the right, properly installed brakes on your vehicle, and have someone who has that knowledge do it. With Mazda or any other brand, our service center works on all types of brake repair and will apply not only the best brake pads and rotors to your vehicle, but where necessary, we'll make sure you're getting genuine Mazda brakes too, which keeps your vehicle integrity high.

Brake services like pad and rotor replacement are simple procedures which can be done by us here at our Bakersfield auto center serving those in Arvin, Oildale, Shafter and Wasco. To schedule an appointment, do so online or contact us at our service center and we'd be happy to assist you in all your brake repair needs.

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