Completing a Mazda Finance Application at Bakersfield Mazda

With a large selection of new and used vehicles to shop through when you need something new, Bakersfield Mazda is confident that you will be able to find exactly what you need on our lot. When it comes to financing, our dealership has a number of different finance products available that will help you pay for your new vehicle. Most people can't cover the cost in full. Even with credit problems, Bakersfield Mazda can find a way for you to finance a Mazda if you're buying or leasing. Let's talk about some details of securing financing at Bakersfield Mazda.

Down Payment

We strongly encourage you to figure out how much money you can comfortably set aside for a down payment. The more you put down on a vehicle, the less you'll have to finance. It's important that the amount you choose is something that you can comfortably afford. You don't want to leave yourself without money for other expenses.

Loan Term

The amount of money that you have left to pay will be spaced across many months. The amount of time that you choose to pay back your loan will affect the interest rate that you obtain. Think about the payment amount that you can comfortably afford each month. If you need more time and a smaller payment, a longer loan would be beneficial. Some people choose to be aggressive and pay their loan off quickly.


Paying off your loan early is often accepted, but you'll want to find out if there's a fee associated with pre-payment. Some lenders may penalize you for paying your loan off early. If you're not considering paying anything ahead of time, then this won't affect you. Many Arvin and Oildale customers like to leave this as an option.

Visit Bakersfield Mazda Today!

If you're in Shafter or Wasco, CA, Bakersfield Mazda can help you with securing a loan for a new vehicle even if you have credit issues. We encourage you to stop down to our location in Bakersfield to talk with us more about what we have to offer. We can also talk about the differences between leasing and buying to help you determine which would be better for your financial situation.